As well as that, English is taught in schools and understood as common business language. Kuwaiti society is much more open that that of other Gulf nations, most notably their border neighbours Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Kuwait citizens and the country is quite ethnically diverse. 

"The individuals and team styles are totally different," said Olsen. 

"It's fast paced and very physical and players are quick and skilful. It's a learning experience and it's making me a better player so i'm thankful for this opportunity." 

Football is the most popular sport in Kuwait featuring ten teams in the first division and a national team with a storied history in Asia having featured in the Asian Cup on ten occasions including lifting the trophy in 1980. 

Olsen has progressed rapidly in Kuwait with three goals and two assists since signing in late January. 

There's still much more work to do for Olsen and his new team however with Al-Jahra sitting in second last place with six matches remaining.

The Aussie added: "That's the football life isn't it? There's always the opportunity for something crazy. In saying that now that I am here, I couldn't be happier."