That's the message coming from Wolves and their former Socceroo coach Luke Wilkshire.

Wollongong Wolves historically are a club that has a huge footballing tradition with the 2019 premiership-winning side embracing an agreement to enable the football club to survive financially through COVID-19 and to enable each of the players to play.

Wilkshire was vocal on letting the players play as well as heaping praise on his squad during what’s been a tough time for all involved.

“As a coach, I could not be prouder of this playing group," he said.

"In the modern-day to see the love of the game to come before lining of pockets and self-interest is pure credit to this group who are leading by example.

“I urge everyone involved in this beautiful game of ours to just let the players play.”

Wolves captain James Stojcevski further highlighted his coach’s comments, pushing for a restart to NPL football.

“We as a playing group ultimately just want to play football," he said.

“We understand COVID-19 has affected everyone including the club's position to make player payments and therefore have agreed to minimal payments for 2020 to allow the club to survive financially and enable us to do what we love most.

"That’s play the beautiful game.”