The Sydney FC midfielder has made more than 100 appearances in the A-League for the Mariners, Melbourne City and the Sky Blues.

Caceres spent his youth days with Marconi FC and grew up in a football-dominated house with a Uruguayan father.

The 27-year-old would practise in the backyward with his dad, play small-sided games with his friends after school, as well as futsal and organised club matches on weekends.

He said the modern generation now has a lot more opportunity and technology at hand, which can prove to be a distraction away from football.

"The biggest challenge is that there's so much opportunity in this country that young players don't necessarily crave to play football 24/7," he told the Football Culture: Local & Global podcast.

"There's a lot of technology and maybe they're not with the ball as often as they should be to develop that side of their game, the technical side of the game. Obviously that needs to be encouraged as much as possible.

"You look at kids abroad, in South America or the Japanese or whatever, they're constantly with the ball at their feet improving their game.

"I see these days a few young players coming through who do have some good ability on the ball, we have Marko Tilio at Sydney FC who's tidy with both feet and we have to encourage him to believe in himself and believe that he has it what to takes to execute his game in the top level in this country.

"We need to encourage those sort of players and hopefully they can lead the way in the future."