Here, the powerhouse defender takes FTBL through a day in his life, from 8am-8am, and in this case, an away game day for his Thai Second Division club Air Force Central FC.

8 am Wake up. Plenty of fluids straight away and then head to breakfast. Oats with banana, blueberries and some honey.

9 am team walk and stretching

10 am Snacking on some fruit and sipping on water.

11 am I like to just go on the spin bike, and just get the blood flowing, really light resistance. And I do an easy 10-minute core and bodyweight routine.

12 pm Team lunch. Usually a buffet. I like to have spaghetti and some rice with veggies and chicken. Again drinking plenty of water throughout.

1-3 pm Just chill out in the room, will have a 30-minute nap usually in this time. As well I’ll try to do some analysis of my opponent where possible (with our team we don’t do any game analysis of the other team)

3 pm Pre-match meal. Nothing too heavy I’ll try to have a sandwich and Greek yogurt along with an electrolyte drink.

3:30 pm The bus will leave for the stadium. On the way, it will stop at a temple and the Thai players and coaches will do their prayers.

4:30 pm Arrive at the ground

5 pm Players will do their prehab, and do what they need to get ready for the game. Everyone has their own way of getting ready.

Watch out for elephants on the way to the game