“When people talk about there being no money to fund this, have a look at how much financial interest there was in expanding the A-League. No one predicted 15 bidders, did they?”

What’s more, a digital broadcasting platform rather than the traditional Fox Sports option is a potential scenario for viewing the games.

Broadcasting the Championship is a key point given the financial imperatives of broadcast revenue into the league.

Krayem suggests Fox Sports - the current broadcast partner of the A-League - is not the only option.

“I don’t think it’s about Fox Sports, there are plenty of other avenues to broadcast games," he said.

“There’s no doubt the broadcast aspect of football has changed and will continue to change so there are a lot of vehicles to get your product out there.

“We have to find the best platform that will deliver a return back to the league and clubs. And we’re not bound to one platform.

“Where are we are today could be different from where we are in broadcast and digital sense in 12 months.

“There are so many different streams to broadcast the games and generate revenue for the central body and the clubs.”

Team 11 are one of the potential bidders for a place in the mooted Championship.

The Victorian bidder - based in the population boom of south-east of Melbourne - missed out on a spot in the expanded A-League announced late in 2018 when Western United was given the green light for this season and Macarthur South-West Sydney for Season 2020/21.

Team 11 told FTBL they are ready to go for the Championship or the A-League.

“We think a team here would be a success, fundamentally with the south-east’s football culture this is an area that should have a team in a national competition,” said Team 11 spokesperson Matt Windley.

“And if that means through an A-League expansion license or the advent of the second division Championship license that one day wins its way up to the A-League, we’d look at any avenue that gets us there.”