Paul Izzo - 5.5 

Pulled off a fantastic save from a corner and was caught out a little too easily from a cross.

A reasonably solid performance ended on a series of horror clearances and two more goals, as Izzo appeared to lose the ability to pass for the final half hour.

Ryan Strain - 6.5       

A little bit obvious at times, playing the usual ball whether it was on or not. Still, his defensive flank was a lot less exciting than Maria's, so that's a plus for the fullback.

Michaël Maria - 7

Bursting runs in a very interesting battle with Mo Adam, as the Dutchman appeared to surge in confidence as the match wore on.

Jordan Elsey - 6.5    

When he wasn't clashing heads with teammates he was a defensive rock, clearing corners, free-kicks and pulling off interceptions with ease.

But his passing is so inconsistent it's not funny.

Michael Jakobsen - 7.5     

Together he and Elsey make a formidable centreback partnership. So why has Adelaide conceded as many goals as they have this season?

Weird little switch-offs and suceptibility to counter-attacks are quickly becoming their trademark.

Louis D'Arrigo - 7 

The wunderkind had an average first half, giving the ball away in some very dangerous positions. But he's a hard tackler and times his impositions perfectly.