George Blackwood - 6.5

It's long been the adage - at least among those who like him - that he does everything but score. He was resposible for a beautiful tap-around finish in the first half, but no surprises it was straight to the keeper.

He then faded from the match, before tucking away his penalty beautifully, almost surprisingly so. He deserves a lot of plaudits for that.

Oh, but then he missed one right at the whistle didn't he? Minus 1? Bloody hell. What a match.

James Troisi - 7     

He was heavily involved in Adelaide's attacking exploits, setting the play well and orchestrating reasonably effectively.

Al Hassan Toure - 7      

Very heavily involved and great to see him back on the scoresheet after a layoff.

Hopefully it builds more confidence in the lad, because it appears as if he backs himself inconsistently, and at the wrong moments. Skewed a couple of clear goal-scoring through balls.

Ben Halloran - 6   

His first touch went missing, then his head, then his temper in an altercation with Mitch Duke. A bit of a strange first half from the former Socceroo didn;t get much better ater that.

Nikola Mileusnic - 7

Like Toure, very involved. He makes beautiful runs, he can take a player on confidently. He set-up the first goal magnificently.

But his finishing left a lot to be desired, which arguably cost his team more than he helped create.


Ryan Kitto - 6.5

Once again, a poor reflection on the depth in Adelaide that a nominal fullback is their greatest attacking attribute off the bench. Did as much as he could.