One of his three Aussie teammates at Negeri Sembilan, Alex Smith, agreed that ASEAN’s huge passion and immense investment in football would be a perfect combination.

But he too felt Australia’s current issues with governance were a distraction right now. 

“Sadly I think an ASEAN World Cup would be a better spectacle than an Australian one," said Smith. “The support and passion for the game in Southeast Asia are off the charts.

“The money is there and with a successful WC bid it will take off even more. As much as I’d love Australia to host, with the current football climate I don’t think we are ready.

“In saying that 2034 is long enough away to make the necessary improvements.”

Former Sydney FC defender Patrick Flottmann, who plays in Thailand, agreed with Smith and Regan, telling FTBL. 

"I think it’s a great thing they’re looking to bid.

"There are a lot of talented footballers in the ASEAN region and the fan base is crazy.

"I agree with the boys in saying that Australia should focus on getting the second division in place before bidding for the World Cup."