After displaying his ankle system in front of NBA teams at the Sports and League Conference in Melbourne earlier this year Hubbard then took his invention over to the US and Europe.

After releasing the system globally at the FIFA FCB Isokinetic Medical conference at Camp Nou in June, he trained Ankle surgeon distributors in Europe and the US before later returning to visit the 76’ers and the Spurs.

“At the Sports Analytics World series in August I stood up in-front of the audience and showed how my brace is able to absorb the force of a 5 kg bowling ball which I dropped on me,” he said.

“The next day I targeted the two NBA team doctors from the Philadelphia 76'ers and San Antonio Spurs Xavi Schelling and the 76’ers doctor David Martin who said, “you’re the bowling ball guy” after someone had taken a video and showed him.

“Two weeks later I was invited back to the US where the Sixers Dr Martin, head of performance research, introduced me to the new Head physician Dr Daniel Medina who was previously Barcelona’s Head Doctor.

“I was also introduced to Coach Brett Brown and fitted a KiSS on the entire Physiotherapy team before flying onto San Antonio to meet with the Spurs medical staff.

“I then introduced the system at FCB Barcelona and since June we have ‘KiSSed’ two Major League Baseball teams and two NBA teams.

"As well as several soccer teams including FCB, Benfica in Portugal, Phoenix Rising in the USL and a pair is also with the US Women’s national team player Alex Morgan’s medical team.

“I even set up an ATP/WTP Physiotherapist who was visiting the 76’ers and sent her back to the US Open with a KiSS and the knowledge of how to use it.”

But when it comes to selling his idea to local sporting teams Hubbard revealed that it’s easier to make inroads overseas.

“Unfortunately  no-one in the Australian, tape and physio dominated professional  sport industry are prepared to look at my ankle device, except ankle surgeons and researchers like our Industry Partner Sydney University,” he said.

“Where there are no tape sponsors and the decision makers aren't reliant on injury and sponsorship, things are very different.”

“That's a shame as the long term ‘costs’ of ankle sprains will eclipse ‘concussion’ if Professional sports continue to ignore ‘safer’ systems for their athletes.”

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