Eiji Kawashima- 8.5

Pulled off some good saves under pressure to keep the scores level in the first half and was very difficult to beat in the second.

Hiroki Sakai – 6.5

Got his body behind the ball but couldn’t stop the Belgium defenders from working in behind him.

Maya Yoshida – 7.5

Applied constant pressure to the Belgium attack, making it very difficult for them to look comfortable on the ball when in the box.

Gen Shoji – 7.5

Was locked in a fierce battle with Lukaku and did well to limit the striker's time on the ball.  

Yuto Nagatomo - 8

Worked well with Inui so that Japan always had someone forward on the left, spreading the Belgium defence.

Makoto Hasebe – 7.5

Played a deep role, acting almost as an extra defender that allowed Inui and Haraguchi to make the most of their speed and push forward.

Gaku Shibasaki – 6.5

A quieter game from the midfielder. He still did well to stand up to the physicality of the Belgium team, picking up a yellow card for his efforts.

Genki Haraguchi – 8.5

Tracked back well to try and win the ball in the midfield. A well-timed run and beautiful finish gave Japan the lead.  

Shinji Kagawa- 7.5

Smart first touches and short give and go passes created consistent chances for Japan.