The Ghana international kicked the ball into the stands and stormed off in protest after he was the victim of racist taunts by third-tier club Pro Patria's fans earlier this year.

His team-mate Kevin Constant was subjected to similar treatment against newly promote Serie A club Sassuolo last month, bringing the racism issue firmly back into focus.

While he admitted he felt frustrated and angry over his treatment at the time, the 26-year-old is more committed than ever to ridding world football of racism.

"It really touched me, these were emotions that you can't really describe. I already felt them in Germany once before but that was 10 years before," Boateng said.

When asked his emotions back in January, Boateng said: "Frustration, anger, deception, aggression. And therefore I thought, 'I don't want to carry on playing here'.

"But if you get offended when you have coloured skin, you can't maybe understand that , really, as a white person, referring to what they shouted. It hurts really.

"When I kicked the ball towards the stands and left the field, the normal fans stood up and applauded me.

"All of them reacted positively, the team straight away on the pitch followed me, that obviously was the dot on the i, that they have supported me, and the other fans applauded and stood up to those hooligans.

"In the very first moment I was really angry and I thought I want to get out of here, but that stopped after two days because then I thought no, now more than ever, now I want to go against that.

"And then it initiated that big boom and hype, I was a bit scared like, 'oh dear, what have I done now'."