Following a last-gasp 1-1 draw with Melbourne Victory, Warren Joyce was ready to field some left-sided questions about his squad, which he maintains remains in good spirits despite the ongoing Bruno Fornaroli saga.

"I think a draw was a fair result. I think we played very well in the first half," Joyce said.

'(Luke Brattan's) haircut's disastrous. But I think he's a bright enough footballer to play in little pockets and he's scored a couple of goals. I thought he did well.

Joyce joins Graham Arnold in a recent spate of coaches having a jab at some unusual haircuts emerging in the A-League, with Rhyan Grant's mullet also coming in for some (un)wanted attention.

It's not only coaches, during the Derby Melbourne Victory fans took the opportunity to chant at Brattan, "You're just a sh** Akermanis" in reference to AFL great, Jason Akermanis' bizarre blonde hairstyle.

To be fair, some would call Brattan a repeat offender, after sporting cornrows last season. But perhaps Joyce is just relishing the opportunity to focus on lighthearted issues.

In addition to Fornaroli's exclusion from the team, an absence variably put down to fitness issues and the player's dedication to the side, Joyce has suffered a plethora of injuries to key squad members.

He's also become increasingly unpopular among Melbourne City fans, with the coach receiving derision during the match. Yet the boss now sits fourth on the table, with a relatively easy fixture list on the immediate horizon.

With an element of momentum, he's certainly in no mood to revisit pain points.

"The players have been outstanding during this time," he said. "I've been at clubs where there has been a circus going on and it's not easy, especially for young players."

"No, I've got no comment (on Fornaroli), "I think I've answered every single question that I possibly can on Bruno, nothing's changed. 

"Michael O'Halloran has been out a long time and Ramy (Najjarine) has came in and done very well.

"It doesn't matter if you're an overseas player, the best performing players get to play."