Central Coast Mariners recruit Jason Cummings has lamented the A-League Men's commercial breaks and lengthy VAR delays that made the Mariners' loss to Melbourne Victory a "stop-start" affair.

The A-Leagues have added drinks breaks in halves this season, allowing new broadcasters Network Ten to take commercial breaks - though on Saturday night, there were also ad breaks during play.

Victory's 1-0 win over the Mariners also had some lengthy VAR reviews to add to the delays in play.

One VAR review on a seemingly obvious offside call on Jake Brimmer in the 26th minute stretched for four minutes before the original decision was upheld.

"It was quite a stale game. I've never been at a game where it gets stopped that long," Scottish striker Cummings told Ten.

"Like, genuinely. The VAR takes about 10 minutes to stop with that. He's (the referee is) stopping the game for a commercial break.

"Like, I need to warm up every 10 minutes. It's stop-start."

Mariners coach Nick Montgomery said he previously "hadn't really noticed" the drink breaks but Saturday's delays were more obvious.

"Obviously, we've had some really hot days going back the last couple of months and I think drinks breaks have been needed there," he said.

"Because boys have been coming back from COVID who've been sick and really for the health and safety of the players.

"Tonight was probably the first time I really noticed it. Seemed to be a lot of delays and some VAR checks when I have no idea why they needed to check it - it was blatantly not a foul or penalty

"It was a little bit stop-start and you lose that little bit of momentum in the game.

"But I probably noticed it more tonight than I have all season, so that's probably a fair comment (from Cummings)."

Victory counterpart Tony Popovic made it clear he wasn't a fan of drinks breaks and wanted shorter VAR reviews.

"The lengthy VAR review, I'd like them to be a lot quicker because I think they've taken a little too long in all games," Popovic said.

"The drinks break, whether that's for TV or not, I think we would all love the game to keep flowing but we were made aware of this before the season.

"I don't like it but we have to accept it and it can work in your favour sometimes, and against you sometimes.

"But regardless of whether it's for you or against, I'd certainly love the game to just continue. Let the game continue."


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