The incident below occurred in the 14th minute of the round 13 game, with video footage showing the left back sent Eagles keeper Stejpan Gal the wrong way and slotted the spot kick.


Green Gully General Manager Raymond Mamo told the matter would be taken up with the FFV.

"We will speak with FFV first thing Monday morning, let the referee's department investigate from their end.

"We will see what our options are and if there is room to take this further I will," he said.

The Cavaliers currently sit in seventh on the VPL table, a point from fourth place.

The club hopes it will not affect their season.

"A decision that can cost a club dearly at the end of the season.

"However, we also know that the referee's decision is a final one," Mamo said.

Mamo said the club is "very disappointed" it was disallowed "a clear goal".

"The back of the net actually moved prior to the ball penetrating through under the back of the net and hitting the signage behind the net.

"The referee actually whistled for a goal and then changed his mind as the Richmond goal keeper protested that the ball went out past the post," Mamo told

Post-game, penalty taker Burton told the Green Gully Soccer Show the referee has something to answer for.

"The referee's got certainly some answering to do.

"I think there's three officials and if they can't get it right between them with three officially on the ground then there's something wrong," Burton said.

The penalty struck by Burton flew through the bottom of the net and ricocheted off advertising signs and back into the field of play.

The referee, appearing to be ready to award the goal, looked at his assistant before awarding a goal kick.

Already a goal down, Gully conceded a second goal six minutes later before scoring what proved to be a consolation late in the game.

The full interview with Burton will be aired at 10.30 on Saturday morning on Channel 31.