In a wide-ranging interview with SoccerScen e, where Farina speaks about his "in-limbo" role at Macarthur and the FFA's Starting XI, the former coach took aim at current coaching practices, former and current.

"Before James Johnson was appointed CEO, the people in charge were the wrong fit for the game," he said.


Farina slams coaching: 'The game is producing robots'

Former Socceroo and Socceroos coach, Frank Farina, has lashed the current coaching curriculum and many of the coaches its producing.


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"Also, the Dutch coaches predicted we would see the fruits of their efforts realized in 10-12 years but it hasn't happened.

"The success of the 2006 World Cup squad was the result of the investment in local players from the late 1980's but at the moment our national team resembles nothing."

Farina's criticism comes at an interesting time, as Australians enjoy a golden generation of former players operating as coaches abroad, while the men's national team has failed to produce many stars in recent years.

Farina's a current member of FFA's Starting XI, which are advising the governing body on a path for football going forward. He said he was particularly frustrated with the lack of football experience at the helm of both governance, board and club organizations.

"Regarding this issue, I've had a problem with the coaching curriculum over the past ten years because people are obtaining Pro Diplomas who haven't excelled at a playing level. What's more they're actually getting the jobs.

"It's a bit like a surgeon who gains his qualifications without ever operating. I find the whole thing bizarre and I believe the curriculum in a nutshell is the basis of the problem.

"There are different opinions on coaching but if you don't agree with the curriculum, opportunities are limited.

"The game in this country is producing robots and the fact is, they're aren't enough successful, former players engaged in key coaching roles."


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