In an interview in The Australian today, Farina says he didn't agree with the FFA's decision to bring in expansion clubs Fury and Gold Coast, but once the decision was made, every effort should have been made to see Fury succeed.

"There needs to be an inquiry into this," Farina, the newly-appointed coach of Papua New Guinea said. "Quite simply, someone has to be held accountable.

"Questions need to be asked. Who made the call? Why? Are they the same people who have been making the same calls? I am sure a lot of fans want to know the process behind all of this.

"Basically, what has happened is the FFA has treated Fury like a piece of shit."

An FFA source hit back angrily however and said the barrage of criticism was unfair.

"People forget that if it wasn't for the FFA there would be no Brisbane Roar, no Perth Glory, no Fury last season, no Adelaide United . . . we helped to keep them alive," a "well-placed source" was quoted as saying.

"The FFA made a tough, but responsible decision."