Sydney FC

Andrew Redmayne — 6

Consistently made his huge stature felt, climbing tall to latch at each bomb of a cross dropped in to his area. Could do nothing about either of Goodwin’s goals.

Rhyan Grant — 5

The mullet haired maestro was fired up throughout the 90 minutes, especially in a moment where he sent Ilso into an advertising board. Otherwise, he was poor up the opposite end of the pitch.

Alex Wilkinson — 6

Not much can be said against Wilkinson’s performance, a continuous theme throughout his career as he truly is the hallmark of consistency.

Jop van der Linden — 7

Intercepted and challenged wholeheartedly. Like his centre back partner, the Dutchman could not really be considered at fault for the loss.

Michael Zullo — 6

Heavily involved down his flank in an effort to provide his side with a way back in to the match. Always looked to bring in his teammates in to the game.