The answer is obviously the next Socceroos' star sneaking a cheeky near-poster past Dean Bouzanis, who let's just remind ourselves, was called the best keeper in the world by Rafael Benitez. Or something like that.

Suffice to say, Al Hassan Toure is more than just a great name, story and haircut. A wise man once said that great players 'make stuff happen'. He's a great player alright.


Dean Bouzanis - 6

Looks a bit silly when you're picking one out of your net that a five-year-old could have saved had he stood still long enough, but that's the goalkeeper's curse, not Bouzanis'.

Overall he had very little do.

Scott Galloway - 5

After such a sensational campaign for the Reds last season we were expecting big things on his Hindmarsh return but he was both overawed by the occassion and outplayed by Adelaide's three-man attack overload on that right side.

Harrison Delbridge - 6

Mixed bag. He didn't do much wrong, everyone knows he's class and he had a couple of moments that affirmed that quality.

But the Toure moment was coming. You watch his near misses and realise that he also could have been beaten for pace and trickey by just about any Adelaide forward at any moment.

Not sure how you rate that?

Curtis Good - 6

Powerful in the air, he's beginning to look a more confident, self-assured starting defender alongside Delbridge. But everyone at City was outplayed fairly equally tonight.

Scott Jamieson - 6

After a shaky start - he still has those weak moments you cringe at as a captain - he worked his way into the match and showed off a few traits we don't get to see from Jamo too often.

Adrian Luna - 5

We were constantly seeing him flash up on the screen but it's hard to remember him actually providing much of worth. He dropped deep and was shut down early on that right side, by Ryan Kitto particularly. 

Joshua Brillante - 5

Completely bypassed by Adelaide's quick-movement throughout the match. He was hurt by City's choice to field such a high-line as the game progressed and quickly became a spectator.

Connor Metcalfe - 5.5

He showed promise in the first half, which quickly devolved into obsolesence as City's tactical approach fell apart. He was one of the first withdrawals for a reason.

Lachy Wales - 6

He deserves credit for maintaining a level of pressure and activity that most of his (more experienced) teammates couldn't muster. But the final product was sorely lacking, especially when it fell to that left foot of his.

Jamie Maclaren - 5

He's lucky he's been in such red-hot form of late or Arnie might have had a change of heart after watching Toure's show-stopping 'battle of the strikers' performance.

If he's going to be a worldclass poacher he needs to improve his heading. We've seen he can bury them for the Socceroos, but at A-League level they're still too hit-and-miss. That said, it's almost unfair giving Macca a rating, he had zero service all night.

Craig Noone - 4

Squandered City's best chance of the game and couldn't carve another.


Richard Windbichler - 6

He showed a lot of fight down that left side in the second half, putting a stop to multiple goal-scoring opportunities. But the war was already lost.

Deni Genreau - 6

Like all of City's substitutes he had the making of a positive impact but couldn't provide enough spark to motivate the rest of his team, who seemed out of ideas.

Ramy Najjarine - 6

In that final 15 minutes, he was City's best player. He couldn't manufacture the right ball, but at least he tried and came very close.


Paul Izzo - 7

Marshalled his defensive line to a tee, had them working like a well-oiled machine, especially from corners where he stayed on his line but yelled loud enough to be heard up the other side of the field.

Ryan Strain - 8

A constant mover down that right side, full of energy and poise. He and Ryan Kitto were the unsung heroes of this match, pushing City's far-more-accomplished wingers back the entire game.

Michael Marrone - 8

For a utility-cum-fullback-cum-centreback, he looked every part a commanding centreback tonight. Quickly becoming an Adelaide legend.

Michael Jakobsen - 9

While Toure will get all the plaudits - he is the story - Jakobsen is the real star of this Adelaide team. Now that Bart Schenkeveld's gone and the Dane's still running strong, City will be rueing his transfer every single night.

Ryan Kitto - 8.5

Copy and paste Strain's rating, just add a couple of goal-scoring chances created. Phenomenal.

Louis D'Arrigo - 7.5

Funnily enough he didn't even replicate the same exquisite performance he notched in last week's loss to City.

He just didn't have to. He played his game, took up the right positions defensively, cut off a few passing lanes and his rejuvenated teammates did the rest.

Michael Maria - 7

Another figure in that Adelaide midfield that did the dirty work in that first half, often falling just short of a goal-scoring opportunity, but ultimately succeeded under-the-radar in a spirited team performance.

Ben Halloran - 8

Sublime comeback for Halloran, who gives Adelaide much-needed experience, pace, dynamism and just in general a whole different element in that final third. He's a natural workhorse and is so important to that front press.

His importance cannot be overstated tonight, he was absolutely essential to their second half dominance.

Riley McGree - 8.5

There wasn't a foot-wrong from any Red in that final third tonight, but McGree still managed to stand out due to those brilliant cutbacks and perfectly timed low-crosses. If you watch the A-League regularly, you know it's far from a skill we can simply assume Aussie attackers possess.

He looks like he'll make the step up under Gertjan Verbeek this season and, similarly to Chris Ikonomidis last season, turn the competition upside down with a little European distinction.

Nikola Mileusnic - 8

He's fast-becoming an Adelaide legend. And how fast. His pace is electric, it always has been, but now he's got the confidence to boot he's actually snuck up to become one of the league's most consistent attacking performers.

Al Hassan Toure - 9.5

His match ended on the 65th minute, when he burst into tears at the quality of his own performance. We definitely can't blame him.


Lachlan Brooks - N/A

Fantastic that Verbeek brought on the young kid to get a taste of a Cup Final. Shame he barely touched the ball.

Kristian Opseth - 5

We're beginning to think he won't feature much this season with Toure fighting for that position.

We know it's not related, but watching the warm hug he gave Toure upon the kid's exit - considering he's only been here for a couple of months - maybe he'll do his best work as a mentor in the dressing room.

Nathan Konstandopoulos - 7

A great all-round performance from the substitute.