The answer is obviously the next Socceroos' star sneaking a cheeky near-poster past Dean Bouzanis, who let's just remind ourselves, was called the best keeper in the world by Rafael Benitez. Or something like that.

Suffice to say, Al Hassan Toure is more than just a great name, story and haircut. A wise man once said that great players 'make stuff happen'. He's a great player alright.


Dean Bouzanis - 6

Looks a bit silly when you're picking one out of your net that a five-year-old could have saved had he stood still long enough, but that's the goalkeeper's curse, not Bouzanis'.

Overall he had very little do.

Scott Galloway - 5

After such a sensational campaign for the Reds last season we were expecting big things on his Hindmarsh return but he was both overawed by the occassion and outplayed by Adelaide's three-man attack overload on that right side.

Harrison Delbridge - 6

Mixed bag. He didn't do much wrong, everyone knows he's class and he had a couple of moments that affirmed that quality.

But the Toure moment was coming. You watch his near misses and realise that he also could have been beaten for pace and trickey by just about any Adelaide forward at any moment.

Not sure how you rate that?

Curtis Good - 6

Powerful in the air, he's beginning to look a more confident, self-assured starting defender alongside Delbridge. But everyone at City was outplayed fairly equally tonight.

Scott Jamieson - 6

After a shaky start - he still has those weak moments you cringe at as a captain - he worked his way into the match and showed off a few traits we don't get to see from Jamo too often.

Adrian Luna - 5

We were constantly seeing him flash up on the screen but it's hard to remember him actually providing much of worth. He dropped deep and was shut down early on that right side, by Ryan Kitto particularly.