Joshua Brillante - 5

Completely bypassed by Adelaide's quick-movement throughout the match. He was hurt by City's choice to field such a high-line as the game progressed and quickly became a spectator.

Connor Metcalfe - 5.5

He showed promise in the first half, which quickly devolved into obsolesence as City's tactical approach fell apart. He was one of the first withdrawals for a reason.

Lachy Wales - 6

He deserves credit for maintaining a level of pressure and activity that most of his (more experienced) teammates couldn't muster. But the final product was sorely lacking, especially when it fell to that left foot of his.

Jamie Maclaren - 5

He's lucky he's been in such red-hot form of late or Arnie might have had a change of heart after watching Toure's show-stopping 'battle of the strikers' performance.

If he's going to be a worldclass poacher he needs to improve his heading. We've seen he can bury them for the Socceroos, but at A-League level they're still too hit-and-miss. That said, it's almost unfair giving Macca a rating, he had zero service all night.

Craig Noone - 4

Squandered City's best chance of the game and couldn't carve another.


Richard Windbichler - 6

He showed a lot of fight down that left side in the second half, putting a stop to multiple goal-scoring opportunities. But the war was already lost.

Deni Genreau - 6

Like all of City's substitutes he had the making of a positive impact but couldn't provide enough spark to motivate the rest of his team, who seemed out of ideas.

Ramy Najjarine - 6

In that final 15 minutes, he was City's best player. He couldn't manufacture the right ball, but at least he tried and came very close.