Football Federation Australia has named a three-person panel to review national team management following the controversial sacking of ex-Matildas coach Alen Stajcic in January.

Former Australia netball captain Liz Ellis will sit on the panel along with Sydney Olympics bid mastermind Rod McGeoch.

The panel will be chaired by businesswoman Diane Smith-Gander and investigate decision-making processes and the way in which items are reported to the FFA board within national teams.

It will not review Stajcic's termination but will use the decision as an example to shed light on processes within national team management structures.

The review will involve face-to-face interviews with FFA senior management and national team staff, as well as a review of documentation, information and correspondence.

The key questions it intends to answer are:-

  • Where does/should accountability sit for the conduct and performance of the national teams?

  • By what processes are these accountabilities exercised, and are those processes clear,┬átimely and effective?

  • When issues are raised and/or identified, are the processes for investigating, addressing and escalating those matters clear and effective?

  • What duty of care does FFA owe players and employees?

  • What processes "give the board comfort that Management recommendations are driven by full and frank disclosure of information and are not based on any personal bias or unsubstantiated claims"?

  • What processes are in place to ensure the confidentiality, privacy and protection of any players, employees or others in disclosing information to FFA management and/or the board?

  • Are the processes, policies and procedures used by the national teams department sufficient to monitor and ensure that the environment in which the national teams operate is professional and supportive and in accordance with FFA values?

The panel will compile a confidential report and provide findings and recommendations to the FFA Board by the end of October 2019," added a spokesman.

"The FFA Board will consider the report and, where appropriate, will share publicly a summary of the findings and next steps."