Just seven percent think the FFA has been improved by the new board and structure, against the 67.25 percent who already disagree, with 25.21 percent still undecided.

But it is Chief Executive David Gallop who comes in for the heaviest vote of no confidence among fans.

On a scale of 1-10, just shy of 40 percent rated him a mere one – with many complaining that 0 was not an option. Another 13 percent gave him a score of two, and a further 12 percent rated his six years in office as a three.

Overall, three-quarters of those who responded felt he had been a failure and scored him four or less.

Two people gave him a score of nine, no-one scored him a 10, and in total less than 15 percent rated him as a six or better in the job.

However there was more optimism about the job the FFA has done since taking over from Soccer Australia and re-inventing the top tier of the game.

When asked if fans thought the FFA has improved football in Australia since 2005, almost half, 48.85 percent, said they had, with 41 percent disagreeing and another 10 percent unsure.

And there was also some encouraging reaction to the A-League overall, now in its 14 year, with almost 60 percent of respondents saying they felt included by the A-League.

But there is a still a huge chunk of the population on the sidelines, with 40.97 percent still feeling marginalised and excluded by Australia's top tier tournament.

Today Football Supporters Australia hailed the findings but admitted: "There are no real surprises in results from this survey."