Interim chairman Pablo Bateson added: "The negativity of fans towards the new board and CEO of FFA highlights the massive gulf between grassroots supporters and leadership of the national administrative body for our football

"Clearly, there is very little confidence or trust in David Gallop as CEO which reinforces the need for a change at the top in this critical position

"FSA acknowledges there have been many improvements for football since 2005, however is deeply concerned that so many fans still feel marginalised and excluded by the way the A-League operates and is run."

He added: "The FFA Board's credibility has been on the line especially since the 'sacking' of Alen Stajcic.

"Until an independent investigation is undertaken they will struggle to rebuild confidence from fans even in the face of positive contributions around progressing opportunities such as establishing a second tier league with eventual promotion and relegation

"We hope that the biggest unresolved issue affecting fans, that of the overall policing of football, is properly addressed by the Board and a new senior management team."

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