Today the Townsville Bulletin’s front page splashed the grim assessment “Fury’s Game Over", adding the club had very little to be optimistic about over their future. 

However, Fury CEO Rabieh Krayem said he’d be doing everything in his power to ensure it wasn’t lights out. 

“We believe the Fury Advisory Board has done everything required of us so we’re hopeful tomorrow we’ll find out further information to clarify,” Krayem told

Issues were raised at the last FFA board meeting and as Fury weren’t privy to those discussions, Tuesday's meeting will be a review and update on the progress of the club.

Patience amongst fans of Fury is said to be wearing thin with the on-going and destablising specuation contributing to the club finishing bottom of the A-League on 19 points, four points shy of Perth Glory.

“If there was a resolution tomorrow, then fantastic, but at the end of the day to get the positive answer for the club, if it took some more days, then we’d do that to get the Fury over the line.

“I’m hopeful we can walk out of tomorrow with a resolution one way or another. That’d be an outcome the advisory board would be looking,” said Krayem.

As it stands, the North Queensland club has raised the $1.5m it was asked of by FFA. 

Fury also have a sponsor in the wings believed to be worth $500,000 a year although further meetings with that un-named company will continue later today.

On top of that the club trumpeted to this website last week that around $700,000 was raised in commitments to their Community Ownership Model over a three year period.

Krayem added: “If you surveyed most A-League fans, they’d say Fury was their second favourite team.

“And people like underdogs and that’s what Fury represents. We’ve fought above our weight in everything we’ve come up against this year with the adversity thrown at us and we’ve still held our heads high.

“We’re still in the competition and no-one has come out and said ‘no’ yet. For everything we’ve gone through, the one thing is we’ve always had pride in the club and our community.”