Kearyn Baccus - 6

His brother’s sending off seemed to spark him to life, but despite spending a fair amount of time on the ball, didn’t create much.

Rostyn Griffiths - 6

He started well, controlling the tempo, but lost control as the match wore on.

Luke Brattan - 8

The blonde bombshell’s gone but the belters keep coming! That’s four screamers from four goals this season. He even traded in his golf-swing for a bit of zen meditation, that’s how cocky he’s getting.   

Florin Berenguer - 7

Perfectly weighted passes, caressed one off the crossbar.     

Riley McGree - 6

Awkward back-tracking, overplaying and some loose decision making. First game back, showed glimpses of brilliance but rusty around the edges.


Lachy Wales - 7

Could have had a couple of goals, played a huge role in City's resurgence.

Nathaniel Atkinson - 7

You can see the value in City's academy system through the depth they're able to bring off the bench. He worked tirelessly and crossed accurately.

Moudi Najjar - 7

Brilliant impact, picked up fantastic positions.