Tonight, they finally showed what they are capable of. Despite injuries to James Troisi and Georg Niedermeier, Kevin Muscat’s side produced a silky attacking display that completely blew an inexperienced Wanderers outfit out of the water.

The first half was so one-sided, it was akin to watching a Harlem Globetrotters v Washington Generals exhibition game. Victory turned the Wanderers inside and out with their sharp pass-and-move football, all orchestrated by the magnificient Keisuke Honda.

3-0 at the interval was a fair reflection of play – in truth, it could have been a lot worse for the visitors.

No doubt copping a halftime hairdryer from their German trainer, not to mention a double substitution, the Wanderers managed to stem the tide. But Antonis’ thumping finish was a fitting exclamation point to cap off the best team performance the A-League has seen this season.

Lawrence Thomas - 7

Was a virtual spectator in the first half. Displayed commendable bravery to come off his line and punch crosses in no-man’s land – especially considering the sickening collision he suffered in last season’s grand final.

Storm Roux - 7

A neat and tidy display from the Kiwi fullback, who defended his flank diligently and got forward when he could.

Thomas Deng – 8.5

A dominant performance from a young man who continues to go from strength to strength. Continually stepped out to make challenges and interceptions, and he won almost everything.

Nick Ansell – 7.5

Yellow carded in the first half after cleaning out Riera. Solid defensive display, and played the ball out of the back confidently.

Corey Brown – 7

Similarly to Roux, he played his role without standing out. Didn’t need to get forward very often, as the players ahead of him were already opening up the defence.