While Moulis supports an independent A-League, he cautioned against giving clubs total control.

“The A-League has come forward and said we want a separate business and more independence to run our affairs – they should be allowed to do that,” he said.

“But we still need to have the golden levers with respect to the A-League, to hold on to the key policy issues that we as ultimate licensor and national federation need to hold on to in the overall interests of Australian soccer development.”

Moulis also welcomed the greater range of voices that were recently added to the expanded FFA Congress.

“Member State Federations, A-League, Australian Association of Football Clubs and other organisations must have both rights and responsibilities to develop the game,” he said.

“They are competent enough to look after the game all unified through the management and governance of the board.

“With the FFA administration doing what they do best in accordance with the framework that we put in place.”

Moulis believes the FFA board must be made up of members with solid football knowledge when they elect the new directors next Monday afternoon.

“You need to have experience in the areas in which you are called upon to govern,” he said.

“You can’t be a completely isolated person who's had nothing to do with the game and be expected to sit in a governance position on the board.

“FFA directors need to have strong insights about the game and the members of the football community have come forward and said that’s what we want to see at board level."

And Moulis says the new FFA Board must now lead Australian football to great new heights.

 “A lot of strategy for the development of the game should be towards doing things like winning the World Cup and being the best and the most popular sport here in Australia,” he said.

“When making a decision we need to ask what value does this add to the football community? Not just to the FFA, or one member, but how does this contribute to the whole of the game?”