The Queenslander gets on the ball in Pyongyang

A swift exit

There was no banter with the opposition after the game, it was more case of let's get out of here and get back to the hotel.  Back at the hotel, we had a Korean style BBQ waiting for us.

See you later, Pyongyang

We stayed one more night at the hotel and then we flew off the next morning.

We had to declare we had anything but it wasn't as full on as when we arrived. We flew back to Beijing at 9.30am on the only flight out that day and again it was just us and the match officials on the Air China flight. We then flew on to Hong Kong.

Trip Advisor review: nice but won't be going back.

With no contact with the outside world for a few days, I was glad to be getting out of there, to be honest.

It was good to be heading back home to Hong Kong.  We had an important League game on the weekend and then the return leg this Wednesday,  so it is a busy time for us.

But it  was a sense of relief when we got back to Hong Kong late Thursday night.

Having a few days in Pyongyang is definitely something to tell the grandkids in years to come.

It's something you would never think of doing what football gives you the ability to see the world including places like  Pyongyang. 

In saying that I wouldn't be keen to be a tourist visiting there.