South West Sydney FC say their goal is to be a "true football club" - a team owned and backed by the community, with extensive fan consultation and involvement. 

While it's currently unclear whether the club will submit a formal Expression of Interest for an A-League licence by FFA's October deadline, Club Director Gino Marra is also the Director of the Australian Association of Football Clubs (AAFC), which have sought to instate a national second division entitled 'The Championship'. 

Like many potential A-League candidates, South West Sydney FC are focusing on the community aspect of their bid, with the club's website outlining the fledgling side's modus operandi going forward.

"South West Sydney FC has been out and about meeting with (the) football community. We have met with our Associations, NPL Clubs, Community group and our local clubs.

"We will continue to do this over 2018 to ensure that we get the best facility in place," the club's website states.

"These meetings are essential as we are building a club from the ground up. We want to ensure that we have the right vision & values in place to ensure we are a success on and off the field.

"Our local community will work with our board and management to ensure we have the right colours, and mascot, after all this is your community club."

South West Sydney FC have already secured the support of former Johnny Warren medalist Nick Carle, who publicly backed the club's entrance to the A-League, saying South West Sydney was geographically ideal.

“The biggest thing for me is how big of a region it is, and how big a football region it is,” he told

“The stats don’t lie, so many great Socceroos and footballers from this region, and it’s only getting bigger.

“It is a massive growth area and so many football lovers out here.

“It’s the perfect place for a new licence.”