Liam Reddy- 8

Key saves in the first half. Somehow Reddy was rarely called into action despite the Jets having nearly 60% possession and taking 21 shots at goal

Dino Djulbic- 7

Stayed compact and refused to be dragged out of position. Much of this was thanks to the defensive midfielders who shielded the CB’s perfectly.

Shane Lowry- 7

Defended strongly but distribution lacked polish at just 64% pass accuracy.

Tomas Mrcela- 7

Displayed great transition into attack when he chose to do so. Sat very deep alongside Lowry and Djulbic, making no mistake when called upon.

Jason Davidson- 8

Showed his skill and experience to keep the Jets wingers quiet for the entire match. Was clearly under instruction not to commit too high up the pitch. A solid defensive effort and contributed with the all-important second goal.

Neil Kilkenny- 8

Scored a 3rd minute penalty after a chaotic start, and marshalled his side with precision to ensure a Glory clean sheet and the 3 points.

Brandon Wilson- 8

Stayed extremely compact and disciplined alongside Kilkenny in the holding midfield role. Played a big role in keeping the Jets attack quiet despite their possession dominance.