The Myanmar team were incensed after Vietnamese referee Phung Dinh Dung allowed Singapore to take a quick free-kick 16 minutes from time with their defence out of position.

As a result, Agu Casmir was able to tap in his second goal of the game to restore Singapore's two-goal cushion and an incensed Oo rushed out of his box, violently shoving Dung in the back.

The Myanmar players proceeded to surround and jostle Dung and, after Oo was shown the red card, refused to resume the game for several minutes.

Oo has been banned for tomorrow's match against Cambodia at the Jalak Harupat Stadium in Bandung along with Falopa and Myanmar team leader Thein Aung, who both went on to the pitch during the course of the melee.

It is unclear whether the AFF will be referring the matter to FIFA or the Asian Football Confederation for further action.