How will you, as fans, approach this week? And give us a flavour of the city's sentiment towards Glory?

First priority will be tickets and then the inevitable complaints about the venue. Glory fans still love a whinge.

I think by the weekend everyone will be well and truly at fever pitch.

With no AFL in Perth on Saturday or Sunday, the clear air in the press will also have many chomping at the bit.  

Can the fans fill the new stadium? What's your attendance tip? 

West Australians love a good bandwagon so it's more than doable. It all depends on the ticket price. $35 for the semi was surprisingly excellent.

Looks like it won't be a massive hike so they'll get at least 50,000. 

An Asian adventure in 2020 with Glory in the Champions League? Glory versus the best of the J-League, China, Korea, midweek games at HBF Park... your thoughts?

Can't wait. With the struggles of the ACL in Australia Glory are being proactive by selling 3-game deals for members at $60 for the lot, which is great.

Many of us are also waiting for the draw so the away trip can be made for our first big OS adventure.

It's history and we know our coach has done alright in this competition.

The likes of Castro and Fornaroli against some of Asia's best will be a joy to watch.  

Given the number of re-signings, are we about to witness the (apologies for the hackneyed phrase) Glory Years of the A-League? 

As we know with the A-League, player movements can fluctuate.

The likes of Davidson, Castro, and Keogh re-signing shows that the culture at the club under Pignata and Popovic is the strongest it's ever been.

A strong culture goes a long way in this league. Look at Melbourne Victory. The issue will perhaps be holding on to players who will chase further money OS.

To hold on to Ikonomidis for another would be a bonus. 

What do you remember about the last time Glory hosted a national men's final back in the NSL days at Subiaco?

Well, I was just out of uni and enjoying my youth back then so like many memories in those days it's a bit hazy.

Because of the two previous losses [in 2000 and 2002] we were a little wounded and were a little more subdued in the pre-game knowing what was at stake.

The Harnwell goal settled us and Scotty Miller's run down the left and the dribbling goal from Damien Mori lifted the roof off [a 2-0 win over Olympic Sharks in 2003].

It was like all 40,000 there exhaled at the same time.

Those eight minutes or so where we celebrated before full time knowing we had it was something I'll never forget.

Justification for loving this team. After the game back at the pub people who I had shared at least one Glory moment with over the years came in one by one.

Hugs all-round. A common purpose and goal attained. 

To cap it off the cover band playing in the car park section of the pub requested people do not urinate behind the stage as it was damaging their equipment.

They then belted out a great Neil Young cover. 

One word: Tony Popovic


One word: Tony Sage


Finally, if Glory wins the Grand Final, how will you celebrate? 

Not wanting to curse us but all I know is I have had a cigar since 2007 that I said I'd only smoke when we won the big one.

Came with me to Brisbane and will hopefully getting unwrapped and cut come Sunday night.

There also might be a bit of a tipple too. Just hope there's enough energy to celebrate.

Everyone was drained last Friday night from the drama. 

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