Andy Keogh's 9th in 16 matches and a Neil Kilkenny killer gave Perth Glory a clinical 2-0 win over Newcastle Jets at HBF Park.

Perth Glory

Liam Reddy - 8

While he didn't have a huge amount to do, bar getting low for a couple of Dimitri Petratos piledrivers, he marshalls his defenders brilliantly.

Tony Popovic has a habit of getting the best out of experienced keepers, with or without Zeljko Kalac, and Reddy is excelling in the West. 

Scott Neville - 6

Pretty meh performance against his former employers, scuppering down the flanks without impetus.

Jason Davidson - 7

Good without being great, was generally outplayed by Daniel Georgievski as the match wore on. Still, for any other conossieurs of Slovenian or Championship football, this season he's a lot more determined than we've seen him in awhile.

Alex Grant - 8

This Perth three-of-a-kind backline offer some of the best Aussie defenders around. Great to see them united under an Aussie coach in the wild west.

Shane Lowry - 8

He could be a Socceroo again, especially when Mark Milligan retires. Not to mention move back to Europe. Unfinished business I reckon.