Perth face an in-turmoil Adelaide United side tonight with the Reds' ongoing contract saga between chairman Piet van der Pol and a frustrated Marco Kurz playing out in the media.


Reds coach row boils over in public

Adelaide United chairman Piet van der Pol tonight insisted he HAD arranged contract talks with Marco Kurz after the coach lashed out about being left in limbo during a media conference today.

But unlike his opposing dugout, Popovic is enjoying every minute out West due to his players' unrelenting desire to improve - a time-honoured Popa tactic. 

"Our players are happy and confident going into (Adelaide)," he said, "but they know that our level has to keep getting better because the opponents are improving.

"They're a good team. I enjoy watching them play and how they work. You can see that their coach has been there for a second season and they understand clearly what he wants. They have some very talented players and it should be an entertaining match."

"You always want to improve in every aspect and that's what's so enjoyable about coaching this group; they are trying to improve every game, they want to get better.

"We'll keep working and trying to get those little details better and better."

Despite enjoying coaching a talent-studded Perth lineup, Popovic won't rest on his laurels. Physical breaks and rest periods aside, the Aussie coach insists that happiness does not equate with contentedness.

"Content would be the wrong word [for how I'm feeling]. I'm very happy with the last two away performances, in particular for the whole game versus the Wanderers.

"And then against Melbourne City, a very strong outfit in tough conditions, to dominate as we did in the second half speaks volumes for the players' character and quality."

"We've had time to reflect on what's happened so far. It's an opportunity to rest some players and give some extra training to others.

"So it's really been a combination of rest and good work which is difficult to do when you play so many games in a short period."