1. Southampton

Truly, truly awful.

The decision to go with black shoulders is utterly bewildering. LD Sports’ front-of-shirt sponsorship is an eyesore. In fact, every part of this jersey is shocking, with the exception of the actual red and white stripes themselves.

  1. Chelsea

At the time of its release, this stadium-inspired shirt by Nike was ridiculed as the ‘bus seat’ strip. It’s redeemed itself since then, and it’ll surely make for a glorious throwback decades from now. But this isn’t a proper Chelsea home kit… it’s still just a bit of a joke among mates.

  1. West Ham

West Ham’s new home jersey is probably the most polarising of any kit listed here. There are plenty of people who think it’s great, and plenty who think it’s garbage. We’re in the latter camp, unfortunately.

(Got an absolutely bangin’ away kit though!)

  1. Everton

This whole stadium-inspired kit idea just doesn’t seem to be working, so we’ve created a short checklist to assist with successful compliance:

  1. Does the kit resemble (part of) the stadium?
  2. Is it still an attractive, classy strip?

Two big ticks for Bayern Munich, whilst Everton and Chelsea seem to be opting to draw circles around the checkboxes instead.

  1. Manchester City

It’s Puma’s first year in charge, and they’ve done alright. The purple detailing is a nice touch, but it’s all just a bit plain without being overly classy in any way.  

  1. Aston Villa

Not a particularly impressive shirt in the first place, meaning that the slightly overbearing sponsors’ logos tend to really detract from the jersey’s overall execution. Bit of a shame, really; it’s so good to have the Villans back in the Prem.

  1. Burnley

Burnley and Villa were initially tied at 15th/14th in this ranking, but the Clarets have gone with a much cleaner look which marginally gets them over the line in our books. Ultimately, it’s all a bit “take your pick”, really.

  1. Brighton

Nike have gone for something a bit different to previous iterations of the Brighton home shirt, but their new ‘distortion’ pattern within the stripes really isn’t that much more enthralling than the Seagulls’ standard look.