Additionally, Cahn points out, with the debate over youth development in full swing, he believes promotion and relegation will help Australian players in the A-League cope with one vital part of football abroad.
"It would also condition A-League players better for the challenges of playing overseas.
"They’d be used to playing with real pressure with real consequences. The same applies to clubs in the race for promotion."
He continued: "In terms of broader interest, imagine three games to go in the A-League, the bottom two clubs playing each other, a few points between them. 
"It would attract a big crowd plus you’d get football people and probably some non-football people all over the country tuning in to the A-League, following and talking about it.
"Then imagine an A-League team finishes bottom and they’re in a playoff with the team that wins the second tier or NPL.
A-League fan passion is second to none, promotion and relegation would simply make it even more intense
"The quality of the players and the quality of the viewing spectacle would improve as well. There would be a real intensity around clubs at the bottom of the A-League table," added Cahn. 
"They’d be working with urgency every day. 

"Games would be quicker, more intense, and more on edge, making the A-League and a second division a better product.”