Aziz Behich - 5

This might sound a little ranty, so forgive us. But it would be easier to be more lenient on Aziz if he hadn't played virtually every minute possible under Arnold's reign. The Arnie and Aziz bromance is a little scary: this is a man who wasn't substituted for the entire Asian Cup.

Tonight was the perfect night to give Brad Smith a solid run out. Brad actually starts for his club and was on the bench. Don't like Brad? What about Alex Gersbach, who has been strangely cast into the Socceroos wilderness by the boss who unearthed him, or James Meredith, or even Callum Elder. You get the point.

The problem with Behich isn't Behich himself. It's the fact he's playing third fiddle to Gael Clichy and co at his store-bought Istanbul club. The second club in a row he hasn't played at.

He's reliable, experienced and when he takes the ball in his stride and nutmegs his opposing fullback, we even catch ourselves thinking 'What do they see in Clichy anyway?'. But when he sends the same exact, listless cross in match after match, we walk away convinced that Clichy might not be going anywhere anytime soon.

Craig Goodwin - 6

There wasn't a lot to get excited about in Goodwin's fifth cap. This is a big occassion for one of the more fence-sitting Socceroos selections in Arnold's squad and he didn't quite live up to the occassion against an opponent he should have had his way with.

Directed a prime header from a beautiful Grant cross directly at the keeper and towards the end, he looked like he sensed he hadn't given enough and started pinging shots from range.

Couldn't nail a goal though, and definitely couldn't nail a starting spot.

Mark Milligan - 6.5

It's easy to see why Arnold sticks with the 34-year-old Milligan over the likes of Massimo Luongo, who was admittedly injured for this game but still unlikely to start.

Millsy is a beacon of defensive reliability in an otherwise heavily attacking squad and formation, but when his passing range is a bit off - as it was tonight - you get the feeling we might get better value out of Jackson Irvine and Luongo.


In pics: Australia vs Nepal

All the action as the Socceroos managed to make heavy weather of a 5-0 win...

Jackson Irvine - 8

One of the unsung heroes tonight. Brilliant assists (that chest to Jamie Maclaren was a thing of beauty) and he took up excellent positions, drawing defenders away from Aaron Mooy with aplomb.

The only weakspot was the static positioning in the box, where he and Maclaren got in each other's way for a few headers. But they were outswingers and we're nitpicking - he had a ripper.

Aaron Mooy - 8

The only man to outclass Action Jackson on the night was our maestro Mooy, who was one screamer away from a perfect performance.

As it stands, he was definitely the most merciless of the lot, sending devastatingly powerful shots into the back of poor Nepalese heads with all the pent-up frustration of a superstar forced to sit on the Brighton bench.

The key to Mooy's greatness and, by extension, our World Cup qualification hopes are those incredibly intelligent cut-through passes - most without looking - that he was pulling off like wings on a fly.

Nobody else in the Socceroos lineup does it. Even Tom Rogic is more of a dance-through the backline than a precision passer. And if we're going to qualify for Qatar, we're going to need more than Behich's crosses to get us there.