Lawrence Thomas - 4

Thomas’ obvious lack of comfort in conceding the opener is a black mark on Kevin Muscat’s decision to rotate his goalkeepers in the lead up to this match.

It’s understandable why Thomas was chosen – he has a fantastic record and has done little wrong between the sticks – but Acton played all the football leading into this match and Thomas’ confidence looked shot, just as his team’s did after conceding so early, so easily.

Thomas Deng - 7

Brilliant first half display, even if Victory conceded thrice. He was comfortable in wide positions and dealt with the ball excellently whenever he was pressed or forced into quick passes.

Leigh Broxham - 5

The own goal was the only moment in the first half where Broxham truly stood out one way or another, but the fact remains that he’s not entirely comfortable playing in the fullback role against quality attacking opposition.

James Donachie - 5

Slightly shaky opening half in which he was unable to truly handle his Sydney attacking opposition.