For a nation of just 17 million, the Dutch sure do create a lot of footballers (and a big impact upon the world game).

No nation has had a larger impact on Australian football over the past decade, with the Netherlands boasting three of the past six Socceroos coaches in addition to a slew of A-league coaches, technical directors and no less than 29 A-League imports.

While our national team and youth systems haven't been able to quite replicate the Oranje's success, our clubs have definitely benefited from their players' services: from yesterday's icons like Patrick Zwaanswijk and Romeo Castelen to a renewed Orange invasion from the likes of Bart Schenkeveld, Leroy George and Siem de Jong.

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Yes, we're a colony and yes, some still call it the motherland. But it's still a minor miracle, given the English's renown for rarely venturing out of their own expansive league system, that so many of them end up down south.

It's a fad and it may be growing, especially if the likes of Adam le Fondre keep on bragging about their exploits in Oz.

It's easy to see why the English love to come to Australia, given the Championship is now one of the best leagues in the world, but League One doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

Why drop down to sodden pitches and rainy away days in Oldham when you could be killing it in the Harbour City? No surprises then that England sits second in the all-time tally, but what may surprise is that relatively few have set the league alight.

Sure there's this season's success stories, including Steven Taylor. Emile Heskey had a notable but brief run, Michael Bridges is now an adopted Aussie and Robbie Fowler's roaring for success up in Queensland. 

But the majority of those 34 names are a story of might-have-beens, down and outers who filled the numbers in the early days of the competition. These days however, things have changed. 

We've been a dumping ground for convicts and convict footballers for too long. Now, the English are earning their keep.

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