“My coaching journey started after being a failed player," he said. "I began coaching as a 25-year-old after I realized I just wasn’t good enough to make it as a player.

“But even as a player I was always trying to figure out why we did things in the game, I had a thirst for that kind of knowledge.

“I didn’t want to play in a lower division, I thought I’d try coaching and it started from there.

“I guess it came from growing up, listening to my dad at the dinner table discussing the finer points of football and tactics. I come from a football family. We lived and breathed it.”

Hamilton began coaching juniors at Lambton Jaffas and later at the Jets junior academy where he worked for three years.

But it’s the prospect of a national second division that is fuelling his ambition to make it in the professional ranks. 

He admitted: “100%, being someone without that professional name something like a national second division is hugely exciting.

"For players and coaches.”

Hamilton’s philosophy is, not surprisingly, the antithesis of the old school manager barking orders. 

“I try to be player-centred," he said. "Make it a good experience for the players and a good environment to thrive and develop.

“And then, on the pitch making sure the team is possession-based but more focussed on getting the ball into the front third rather than having a lot of possession in our back third.”

Hamilton is one of a new breed of younger coaches coming through.

They are out there and with the prospect of a national second division, these are the names that we could start to see come through.

“I’d love to reach the highest level of the game that I possibly can. It’s a dream to coach in England or Europe one day," he added. 

“But for me in the next five years, it’d be good just to get a full-time professional role.

“Given an opportunity like many other young coaches in a full-time professional environment, we could really thrive and add value.”

He may be unknown now but FTBL believes this coach is another unknown Aussie in the lower tiers who is destined for much bigger things.

Keelan Hamilton, remember that name.