Bruce Djite gave the Reds the lead before Roar midfielder Danny Tiatto was sent off spurring United on to score a second through Lucas Pantelis.

Although Queensland put up a fight in the second half Adelaide could have ended the game at 5-0 with golden chances falling to Travis Dodd and Nathan Burns.

It was a strong performance that had been lacking from the Reds in recent weeks and left Vidmar pondering what might have been.

“It was a great performance tonight, superb performance,” said Vidmar.

“(We) did not have one passenger tonight, everyone worked extremely hard, did their job, kept a really good shape and got the goals at the right time.”

“I think we showed that (good form) a fair bit during the season but at the crunch times we couldn’t deliver.”

“Whether that’s inexperience, nerves, I’m not really sure. But it was great that they’ve gone out there tonight in front of our home fans and gave them the right result.”

As with the first time the sides met in Round 1 the first half was a spiteful 45 minutes igniting the crowd with a number of players receiving stern words in both on the ball and off the ball clashes.

Reds winger Travis Dodd was involved in the incident that saw Danny Tiatto sent off and had a few choice words for the Roar man causing both sides to become involved in a shoving match.

“I said ‘Why did you hit me? It wasn’t very nice.’ Along those lines,” said Dodd.

“I went into the ball, into the challenge and he came through with a punch so at end of the day I don’t know why he did it, there was no need for it.”

Adelaide finish the season in sixth place with plenty to think about for next season after dropping from two consecutive top two finishes.

In the meantime the Reds squad will now head into two weeks rest ahead of their participation in the ACL campaign with the first match away to Pohang Steelers still five weeks away.