The ex-Gold Coast United and Brisbane Roar boss is currently managing Oakleigh Cannons in the Victorian Premier League, but hinted that he will not be returning to the club in 2014. 
Bleiberg took over from Bill Theodoropoulos at the Cannons in May after his contract was mutually terminated, but was initially only meant to be a two-or-three week interim manager as Oakleigh searched for a replacement.
Bleiberg admitted that he began to spot some talent on the Oakleigh roster and thought it was best for the players and the club to stick around to at least the end of the season.
“It’s true that it was supposed to be a short time engagement,” Bleiberg told
“But I enjoyed my time in Melbourne and the city which reminded me of the good old days when I arrived in Australia and found it’s hard to leave the club.
“I saw the boys of Oakleigh enjoy what I’m preaching and in the end I didn’t want to leave them.
“They are a dedicated bunch of guys. Some of them are talented and I’d go even further to say they are talented enough to make it to the A-League.
“So I said if I came to help for two or three weeks, I might as well stay for the remainder of the season.”
Beyond that though, Bleiberg is only thinking about Brisbane...
“My aspirations are to go back to sunny Brisbane and enjoy my beautiful house and my beautiful family,” said Bleiberg. 
“If I look back at my time at Oakleigh I say it was a nice experiment, helping Oakleigh as a club with re-structuring a bit and move them above what they were before. 
“Sometimes you do football because it’s a necessity as a profession, sometimes you do football for the money and sometimes you do football for the enjoyment of the game, and that was the case this time around.”
But he's not ruling out a return to the A-League.
“Whatever happens, happens. I can also see myself at Manchester United,” he joked. “It’s all about where other people see myself.
"I don’t know and you don’t know.”
Bleiberg’s Cannons took on A-League side Melbourne Heart on Wednesday night, with the game ending in a 1-0 win to John Aloisi’s men. 
“In this game everybody achieved their goals,” said Bleiberg. “It gave the Oakleigh players a chance to feel what it is like to play against an A-League side.

“For me, it gave me the chance to dust of my tactical cobwebs and trying to play smart against A-League opposition. “
Bleiberg believes that the standard of the A-League has increased dramatically since he last coached and see’s it improving leaps and bounds with every passing season.
“Every year it improves,” added Bleiberg. “When the A-League started, the youngsters that came through were all playing part-time football,”
“Now the generations that are coming through are brought up with the A-League and academies and whatever. Players who are 14, 15, 16-years old are training five-six times a week.
“Australian football due to the A-League has become a professional set-up. The level has increased and the tempo increased and it will continue like this year after year after year.”