As LAFCā€™s chief technology officer ChristianĀ Lau tells FTBL: "Ultimately, it has everything to do with eliminating friction everywhere we can [at the stadium].

"All technology we deploy is all informed by the customer.ā€Ā 

ThisĀ ā€œfrictionā€Ā as Lau notes refers to what many fans in the A-League (and globally for that matter) have become resigned to experiencing for too long.

Queues forĀ everything from ticketing at turnstiles to food and beverage to merchandise stands, bathrooms, and tech problems such as slow WiFI (or none at all).

This can all be par for the A-League course.Ā 

LAFC's stadium the Banc of California Stadium - orĀ justĀ ā€œThe Bancā€Ā - is a work of art, turning those ideas on their head.Ā 

The uber-cool, high-end home deckĀ situatedĀ just south of downtown LA is aĀ 22,000 all-seater with a safe standing area for the club's active fans. Ā 

ā€œFans say the stadium has a resort feel,ā€ notes Lau.Ā Heā€™s right. And it's pimped up with the latest in tech.Ā 

The MLS outfit isĀ finessing aĀ ā€˜touch-free customer journey' with the help of its tech partners whilst also enabling a crowd intelligenceĀ platform for its operations team at the Banc.Ā 

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AllĀ fortuitous timing given the pandemic shows no signs of slowing as it causes havoc with MLS games in their version of the A-League hub in Florida.Ā 

After all, who wants to line up with hundreds of other fans in close proximity even when the pandemic is over?

The MLS franchise uses digital tickets on mobile devices and is soon to roll out facial recognition with ticketing and payments as well as designated special access turnstiles forĀ wheelchair users when fans return to the arena.

ā€œWeā€™ll have elevatedĀ temperatures sensors as well as a mass detection camera [similar to airports] so the turnstile will open, the temperature of the fan is taken instantly.

LAFC's "Banc" stadium has a resort feel inside and a real football feel on the terraces for MLS fans

"Weā€™ll need this for up to the next 24 months.Ā It shows to the customer that weā€™re taking their health seriously,ā€ Lau adds.Ā 

The Banc is also a cashless venue.Ā 

ā€œWeā€™re workingĀ on the mobile device and mobile ordering, the pandemic has simply sped up plans for mobile ordering.Ā 

ā€œThe priority will be mobile orderingĀ because customers donā€™t want to stand on line to order,ā€ Lau, a former US Navy Intelligence specialistĀ who manages theĀ implementationĀ of technology across the MLS outfit's enterprise, adds.Ā 

IoT (Internet of Things) is another focus for LA's newest MLS operation, enabling LAFC to, for example, assist with toilet dispensers and handĀ sanitizer levels (AI technology alerting operations staff when the levels areĀ getting too low).Ā