The last currently scheduled game in this year's Round of 32 between Adelaide Olympic and ECU Joondalup took place last night.  Olympic won the match, making it to the Round of 16 for the second time in their FFA Cup history. 

The game took place at Dorrien Gardens in Western Australia.  ECU Joondalup and their visitors remained at a nil-nil scoreline well into the second half.  The opening goal occurred in the 70th minute, courtesy of Adelaide's Christos Pounendis.  

Having received a deflected ball and controlling it right in front of the net, Pounendis managed a volley into the goal for what should have been the goal of the game. 

The moment of the match though, and maybe of the Cup so far, occurred eight minutes later.

Getting the ball inside the eighteen yard box, Olympic's Fausto Erba dribbled to the left side of the goal.  Nearly out of bounds, Erba took a shot on goal that incredibly went in despite the incredibly tricky angle.

A penalty in the 87th minute, which was given after Joondalup goalkeeper mistimed a tackle in the box and took down Adelaide's Michael Cittadini, was then converted by teammate Giannis Simosis.  This put Olympic up 3-0 and was the final nail in the coffin for ECU Joondalup.

Adelaide Olympic have therefore qualified for the next round and have found out today that they will meet South Australian opponents Adelaide United in a Round of 16 derby.

The ECU Joondalup-Adelaide Olympic game concluded the currently scheduled matches of the Round of 32.  The remaining eleven encounters, as well as the two A-League Round of 32 qualifiers, are all currently postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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