The Roar players have been forced to isolate in a Brisbane hotel after their return from the NSW A-League finals hub, after originally understanding they would be able to isolate at home after returning to Queensland.

FFA failed to gain the necessary exemption however, which has led to Moon calling out inconsistencies in the state's treatment of professional sporting codes, as AFL and NRL teams returning to the state have both been able to acquire the necessary exemptions.

“There’s been one rule for us, one rule for AFL and rugby league, there’s been one rule for a certain coach that’s actually left protocol or the bubble when they were in New South Wales and got to home quarantine,” Moon said.


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“Not only was there a different rule for us as a code compared to the other codes but there’s already a proven inconsistency out there that no-one wants to talk about.

“If they (the Queensland government) are prepared to make one rule for one then why not for others when we went through the same biohazard securities, the same protocols in camp, like the AFL and the rugby league.

“Us going into quarantine, if it was consistent for everyone, no problems, we’re like everyone else, we’ll do what we needed to do, but that wasn’t the messaging.

“Good luck to the Premier, good luck to the chief medical officer. The Premier’s been strong on borders and I agree with her approach and she’s going to get elected in the next election, but she certainly let Brisbane Roar and football down.”

News Corp are also reporting that a police officer in the state accused the club's players of living a life of privilege in the NSW hub, that wouldn't be replicated in Queensland.

Players have to stay entirely isolated while in the hotel quarantine, in separate rooms.

“I was very disappointed that they accused us of living a life of privilege in our bubble in NSW and saying that it wouldn’t be like that here in Queensland,” Moon said.

“We understand the situation. It’s about what we were told, the sacrifices we made to try to make sure we could come back and home quarantine.

“What we went through for five weeks (in NSW) is pretty much what we’re going through now. We led a life of discipline.”


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