"Because when the AFL get substantial dollars to play in China and there is clearly three to four thousand expats that are standing in tents not watching the game, yet a fortune is spent to promote it, then it’s almost criminal that football isn’t the code that is doing that in Asia.

“Football can be used as a vehicle to build bridges, it can open up opportunities for trade and companies that want to do business in Asia because football is a common language.”

“But you have to be influencing and partnering with big business and government and whoever else wants to go into Asia.

“It has to be done from the top and there has to be a willingness to do all that.

“If it’s not even in your business plan and you haven’t shared it with anybody, nobody really knows that you’ve got an ability to open doors for them and follow through.”

Fraser believes this week’s events that wil lead to changes in how football will be run means that the code is now in a position to fulfil its potential.

“We can create not just a top product at the top level we can create an environment where boys and girls want to play, where they will want to stay in the game longer,” he said.

 “We can create careers for people, as wel as more professional and semi-professional teams.

“There has been enough people who have thought about it intelligently who understand what we need to do to make the game what it should be in this country.”