The action comes just a day before Football Federation Victoria’s deadline on applications to join the league.

A club alliance has sent the federation an eleventh hour warning to halt the process and sit down at the negotiating table.

“We call upon the FFV to respect the concerns of its clubs and act as its mandate requires it to do – in the best interests of the game,” a statement by the alliance reads.

“Again we remind the FFV to suspend the NPL process… and talk with the club and not at them.”

In all 51 clubs have boycotted the FFV model which they claim is unworkable and financially risky for participants.

Rebel clubs plan to establish a breakaway football body to be called the Association of Football Clubs Victoria.

The AFCV’s primary role will be to oppose the NPLV and set up a steering committee to consider changes to the competition model which is due to launch next year.

The NPL is a national second tier competition which has already rolled out in the ACT, NSW, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania. Victoria, Western Australia and Northern NSW are due to fall into line in 2014.

A letter from GPZ Legal, the firm representing the dissident clubs, has urged them to stand firm:

“It is vital that the co-signatory clubs and those clubs which have expressed support to the opposition of the NPLV, be united in their resistance to the NPLV in its present form, which is being aggressively promoted by the FFV.”

Clubs were asked to acknowledge support for the legal proceedings and submit expressions of interest in becoming foundation members of the AFCV which will hold its first meeting on August 26.

The escalation in hostilities comes just as Football Federation Australia trumpeted the first ever National Premier Leagues (NPL) 2013 final series to kick off on the weekend of September 28-29.

Five federations – Capital Football, Football NSW, Football Queensland, Football Federation South Australia and Football Federation Tasmania – will battle it out for the title of the inaugural NPL 2013 Champion.

The knockout finals series will decide the competitions first ever national champion.