Les Bleus gave an opportunity to Steven N'Zonzi and Thomas Lemar to impress in midfield and attack, but neither left a memorable mark on a sleepy affair which rarely got out of fourth gear, let alone second or third.

For Denmark's part, they showed early signs of promise when the industrious Martin Braithwaite made inroads, but his impact faded and by the hour mark, both teams appeared to have abandoned the idea of providing a goal for the fans left to slumber in their seats in the afternoon sun.

Nabil Fekir provided a bit of a spark after his late introduction, but this was a match that had been fairly apparent would end goalless as far back as half-time.

Both sides remain unbeaten as they advance through the group, but - and who would have imagined this would be criticism levelled at France before the tournament - a shared lack of attacking quality shown so far suggests they'll come a cropper against more exciting and inspiring opposition in the knockout stages.


Kasper Schmeichel (GK) - 7

Sound handling from Schmeichel throughout the match, although he wasn't overly tested by any of France's undercooked efforts.

Simon Kjaer (CB) - 8

A calm and collected, captain's presence at the back, with great awareness of whatever danger - which, admittedly, never passed the mild mark - was posed around him.

Andreas Christensen (CB) - 7

On hand to deal with any aerial threat that came his way. After half-time, he was also prepared to push on to a more advanced position as a reinforcement for the midfield scrap. The fact he was able to spoke volumes about France's lack of intensity.

Mathias Jorgensen (CB) - 7

Unceremoniously took down Antoine Griezmann when the French forward broke forward with the ball. It was cynical, and punished with a booking, but it achieved the desired result.

Henrik Dalsgaard (RWB) - 7

Tucked in very deep to thwart any threat was simmering from Lemar.

Jens Stryger Larsen (LWB) - 6

Given an easy ride, untroubled all afternoon by Ousmane Dembele.