Most have gone through rigorous individual training programs, some have started their own podcasts, others turn to gaming, Netflix or golf.

For UK-based Ryan Edwards, education has been his focus while the season enters its third month since shutdown.

The 26-year-old Aussie, who plays for Burton Albion in League One, lives in Birmingham with his partner.

He says studying has helped him deal with the unusual situation.

"You'd be falling into bad habits, watching TV and waiting for football to return," Edwards told FTBL. "So it's been good to have something away from football to focus on.

"I'm studying psychology, which is great. I've just finished my first year. I started with business management, and after I finished that I changed to psychology.

"This year I went to part-time to full-time study, which has been better because there's more enyoyable content to do. I'm just in the process of picking my modules for my second year."

Edwards meditates every morning and has been in touch with a sports psychologist since he joined Reading as a 17-year-old back in 2011.

The midfielder spents four to six hours studying each day, in between exercise workouts, and has always been interested in behaviour and how the brain affects it.

"Initially, I like to research or find out why we do things and why our mind works the way it dones," he explained.

"That's always been an interest of mine. I also believe that our mind is a muscle. We're all training our bodies, but it's important to train your mind as well for football and for outside of football as well."