Core Work. Core Work. Image: William Fogden


“In the Kellogg’s series races we’ll run anywhere between 80m-180m. Running’s my weakest leg; I’m a bit too big for it. I’m one of the bigger girls in the series. It’s a lot harder for me to come from swimming, get up, get the blood flowing in my legs, then speed around the course. Trent, when I’m coming out of the water from a swim, board or ski, sometimes makes me jump into a rope which has a big tyre attached to the back of it. I’ll put the rope around my belly and I’ll drag the tyre for a bit of resistance work. I kind of crack the shits a bit when he makes me do it, but it’s all beneficial. It’s the sort of work you need to do. It gets the blood moving from different parts of the body. You’re horizontal, to standing up, to running, to getting your legs to work – when your legs are still thinking of swimming. You have to get up and go and just be ready for it.”


“My surf ski sessions feature lot of skills and explosive stuff because I’m in the racing part of my regime. It’s important to get as much work done before the series as possible to get as much in the bank as you can and then just draw on that. From there it’s all about maintenance, keeping on your game and trying to stay healthy and injury-free. “I train with a lot of the ski paddlers and board paddlers, but they don’t do Ironman or Ironwoman racing – they basically just prepare for ski races. Their needs are different to mine: I have to back-up and work on my fitness and do cross training for all three disciplines. It’s pretty time-consuming.”


“I’m pretty big on fruit and veg. I don’t intake a lot of pure carbohydrates. I’m not into eating too much cereal and bread or pastas – or typical carb loading – like most athletes. “I eat a fair bit of chicken, lean red meat and a lot of fish. I try and keep foods in my diet as fresh and natural as possible. I like almonds, the nut mixes. I’m not too big on diary. I just try and keep it simple. The only supplement/sports drink I’ll have is Juice Plus. It’s a pure vegetable and fruit extract. No one eats enough fruit and veg – especially athletes. We’re on that fine line of being super-fit or in bed sick. You need to keep on your game.“They say you are what you eat, and I totally agree with that. If I haven’t had a good meal, I’ll get headachy and start to feel tired and empty. Even if I’ve had a large meal, like a big bowl of pasta, I’ll feel lethargic. I’m not used to it. It wouldn’t sit well with me and I’d be at training, whinging.”